Explainable AI XAI

AI Transparency Made Simple: Unraveling Explainable AI!

With every passing day, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being integrated into our more and more. From as small as scrolling through Instagram reels or YouTube shorts to running the biggest of businesses, and luring customers to buy products, AI is everywhere. It affects our decisions in almost every step of any process. With the advent […]

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AI Unlearning problem

AI Unlearning Problem – Can AI ‘forget’ things?

Hello Tech Enthusiasts! Today We are going to be looking at an often-overlooked area of Artificial Intelligence (AI), The AI Unlearning Problem. We all are well aware of the power of AI. It is integrated so deeply into our daily lives that everything we do online has AI working behind the scenes one way or another. […]

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Deepfake Technology

Deepfake Technology: Unveiling the Ethics and Dangers

In times we have witnessed a progression, in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enabling us to produce digital content that appears remarkably authentic. One such technological advancement is Deepfake — an AI technique for generating audio, videos, or images that possess a genuine quality. As AI systems become increasingly sophisticated the rapid development of Deepfake technology […]

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